Ynnova @EIMA International 2018 | Pad. 33ter 

Siamo presenti ad EIMA Interntional 2018 Eima Digital Ynnova

EIMA International 2018

EIMA International 2018, what’s new?

It’s EIMA Digital, a space set aside for electronic systems for 0.4 agriculture, associated software studies and elaborations for the purpose of machinery precision in carrying out operations and drones, now considered the most dynamic and multi-functional innovations to bring to the field.

This is the space where Ynnova, mechatronic engineering company operating in the precision farming market on a global scale, presents its products and its technologies that are proactively contributing to companies’ products and processes digitization.

Workshop and conferences will focus on several topics, all related to the industry’s latest development or forecasts.

Here is the link to the Official Program’s Events

Should you be interested in meeting us @EIMA Digital to further discover the opportunities provided by our technologies, do not forget to schedule an appointment.

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