YConnect is Ynnova’s cloud platform that allows to remotely monitor and control the fleet of machines on the field.

YConnect is the Business Analytics tool that stores, monitors and analyses in real time the data gathered from the on-site assets. Advanced online data visualization, in the form of graphics and dashboards, highlights the company’s KPI to give an overall picture of the situation. Access the information from any browser, using your PC, tablet or smartphone.

The Cloud-Based Platform

Yconnect is Ynnova’s cloud based platform that allows companies to connect and digitalise assets and processes. YConnect allows clients to monitor in real time and remotely their equipment; in line with the highest security and disposability standards, YConnect stores the data gathered on the field from the connected devices in the cloud. Advanced online data analysis and predictive modelling solutions are available and at the user’s disposal through easy-to-read dashboards and online visualizations: use the valuable insights provided to develop an informed data-driven business strategy.

Yconnect Business Analytics
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A simple guided procedure helps the user during the registration process; he will then access the system, using its credentials, from any browser using either PC, tablet or smartphone. Once signed in, the user will be able to:

  • Send and receive file from and to devices on the field;
  • Monitor data from the assets on the field in real time, also using geolocated maps;
  • Get statistics in the form of customizable graphic views;
  • Set rules and receive alarms when faults occur.

The graphics and the visual dashboards can pinpoint both at the different variables from a single asset and at data cluster groups from different assets.
Advanced online data visualization compares data, finds correlations and leads to valuable insights: the customer is provided with all the needed information in order to support the assets’ best performance, the company’s decision-making process and a data-driven strategy. The predictive analysis process takes place in the cloud, where the data gathered are analysed, cross-checked, processed and turned into graphics. When specific changes in asset health are identified and specific circumstances and patterns occur, the Ynnova datacentre indicates potential problems or pending asset failure, triggers an “event” and, in real time, sends a message to the smart alerting tool.

YConnect Business Analytics
Data Gathering

It is the electronic that gathers the data from the on-site assets. Ynnova makes available to all companies IOTBOX, Ynnova’s electronic control unit, specifically developed to be connected to YConnect. Depending on the specific requirements, the customer establishes different collection policies to set the frequency at which the server collects the data. If companies’ assets have already been implemented with proper hardware components, they will be easily connected with YConnect platform. IOTBOX is available for all industrial sectors.

L’hardware può essere progettato e prodotto da Ynnova sulla base degli asset aziendali e delle richieste del cliente, ed è personalizzabile al 100%.

The electronic board is the physical asset that turns machines into smart machines. It monitors the processes and gathers the data from the company equipment; the electronic board also collects the input associated with specific variables the client wants to audit. Ynnova designs and develops hardware components that are 100% tailored to the company assets and to the client’s requests.