• Detect

  • Classify

  • Identify

  • Alert

Warningpipe is the Smart Alerting tool that is able to identify the specific technical intervention required by interpreting the warning messages received. Following custom escalation policies, previously set by the user, it will directly contact the required technicians team via email, sms or phone call. Integration with the other tools of the package allows Warningpipe to specify the precise details of the issue.

Specific issue identified + Competent technician notified

Reduction of resolution times
Reduced costs


When specific changes in assets health are identified, an alert is triggered.

Warningpipe identifies and specifies the type of fault: electronic, mechanic, hydraulic…

Depending on the fault features, the competent team, previously pinpointed by the customer, is informed.

Warningpipe sistema alert intelligente IoT cloud based

The team members can be categorized following different priority rules in order to have primary, secondary and tertiary responders who can be notified according to pre-set priority rules: the alarm will continue to warn the different team members until someone acknowledges the alert.

Warningpipe sistema alert intelligente IoT cloud based

The alert can be sent to a single technician each time or can be sent to all the technical team members. Each enterprise can set, according to its specific needs, both the type of preferred notification and the priority level and the frequency of the notifications dispatch to the technicians.

Warningpipe Alert intelligente IoT cloud based

Warningpipe is a native software for the IOT+ suite.
Warningpipe is distributed with SaaS mode and also as a single software package.