About IOT+

IOT+ is a technology platform made up of electronic components and a software package distributed with SaaS mode, that allows the complete management of the service value chain and that simplifies and fosters the in-house development of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) applications.


Why IOT+

Because IOT+ allows the client to develop independently and in-house its own custom IoT applications, and to grow and protect its intellectual property, without the need of external consultants.


Who is IOT+ for?

IOT+ is aimed at any OEM enterprise of any industrial sector that wants to efficiently and effectively manage the programming, monitoring and optimization of its assets and of its industrial and manufacturing processes.

With IOT+ you can:
1. Prototyping:
Industrial Grade Objects

YCPU is the Ynnova electronic board for rapid prototyping, that supports any IoT protocol and uses a sole programming language: C#. YCPU has been developed to foster the switch from the prototyping phase to the mass production phase seamlessly. It is aimed at:
● Manufacturers
● Designers
● System Integrators

Prototipazione rapida elettronica Ynnova Home Iot+
Ynnova YService Service Management IoT cloud-based gestione intervento tecnico
2. Connectivity
Fully-integrated tools

IOT+ connects your devices to the network and to any mobile app. A package of fully integrated tools and a secure connection to the cloud allow the real-time monitoring of all the company assets. Check in on exactly what is happening on your monitored devices at any point, from anywhere.
Remote firmware and software updates are always available.

Connessione YConnect Ynnova Home IOT+
3. Monitoring and Data Analytics:
Business Analytics tool

In line with the highest security and disposability standards, YConnect stores the data gathered on the field from the connected devices in the cloud.
Advanced online data analysis and predictive modelling solutions are available and at the user’s disposal through easy-to-read dashboards and online visualizations: use the valuable insights provided to develop an informed data-driven business strategy.

Monitoraggio ed analisi dati Monitoring tool Ynnova Home IOT+
Ynnova YService Service Management IoT cloud-based gestione intervento tecnico
4. Notifications Management
Smart Alerting tool

Warningpipe is able to identify the specific technical intervention required by interpreting the warning messages received. Following custom policies that follow defined levels of priority previously set by the user, it will directly contact the required technicians team via email, sms or phone call. Integration with the other tools of the software package allows Warningpipe to specify the precise details of the issue.

Piattaforma Gestione allarme Smart Alerting tool Ynnova Home IOT+
5. Technical Intervention Management
Service Management Tool

Turn the Service from a cost centre into a profit centre: YService is the final piece in attaining an optimized and strategic service management, and provides all the necessary support for technical intervention: from tracking the activities and monitoring to checking the spare parts costs.
With this tool, you Improve the overall quality of the service, whilst developing and maintaining a strong competitive advantage.

Gestione intervento tecnico Service management tool Ynnova Home IOT+
IOT+ Unique Features
Ynnova home integrazione integrated tools IOT+ features
Fully-integrated tools

The platform allows bidirectional communication that works both between machines and between humans and machines. Data analysis, warning alerts management and technical maintenance are closely intertwined and allow an all-round management of the service value chain. This synergy contributes to the optimization of the procedures and to the reduction of costs and of reaction time.

Ynnova home time to market IOT+ suite
Faster time-to-market

The enterprise will be able to manage any change and update needed in house and will no longer have to wait for the standard lead time of the technical intervention of a firmware expert or of an external consultant.
IOT+ fosters the responsiveness to any change in the market and in the environment, so that no opportunity for revenue generation will ever be lost again.

Ynnova Home User friendly IOT+ suite
User Friendly

No need to learn any complicated programming language or to understand hardware logics in order to program: the process logics is written in one of the world’s simplest languages, C# (the fourth most popular language on a global scale, as reported by 2017 Stack Overflow statistics) and it is possible to visually design the human-machine interface. The company creates its own industrial IoT applications in house and protects its own intellectual property, avoiding the cost of external consultant support.


This value creates tangible and measurable advantages such as constant asset monitoring, targeted maintenance, increased productivity and cost reduction.