• Customizable

  • Ready to use “as – is”

  • Modular

  • Scalable

The electronic board is the physical asset that turns machines into smart machines.
It monitors the processes and gathers the data from the company equipment; the electronic board also collects the input associated with specific variables the client wants to audit.
The hardware components are 100% tailored to the company assets and to the client’s requests.
The Runtime links the machines’ physical world to the software package and allows and triggers both the M2M (machine to machine) and the M2H (Machine to Human) communication process.

Rapid Prototyping + Custom Electronics + Runtime that abstracts the hardware details

Ad hoc electronic components specific to the client’s equipment
with user-friendly process logic programming
from prototyping through to industrial level production

Ynnova electronic board and runtime advantages
microprocessore PCB Ynnova Progettazione elettronica hardware

Ynnova runtime, an ECMA 335 standard based firmware, runs on the company’s electronic boards, implements the process logics written by the user in a high-level language (currently in c#, but later IEC 61131 standard ruled languages will also be available) and abstracts the hardware details.
The user will no longer need to understand the functioning logics of the electronic board, enabling him to focus on the desired outcome and on the problem he needs to solve.

From prototype to industrial grade production. Now.
PCB Ynnova Progettazione elettronica hardware

Ynnova CPU is the industrial grade electronic board designed and developed for rapid prototyping.
The prototype is already industrial grade, ready to be tested on industrial plants.
Starting from the customer’s prototype, upon request, Ynnova designs and manufactures the electronic components for full-scale industrial production.

Connectivity and (F) OTA updates
The Butterfly   Eastern Black Swallowtail (Papilio polyxenes) em

The Ynnova electronic board is provided with innate connectivity that allows a steady and constant communication with hardware components and software programs.
OTA (On the Air) and FOTA (Firmware on the Air) updates for electronic boards are provided in order to secure and speed up the update process and to avoid the upload and download procedures.

Custom Electronics

Starting from the customer specifications, Ynnova designs, develops and manufactures electronic control boards and an array of products to manage equipment and processes for industrial production.
Ynnova enables the adoption of the “Industry 4.0” model in order to accomplish the enterprise digitalization process and provides its clients with the highest custom electronics, supplied with a packet of innate and integrated services: YConnect, Warningpipe e YService.

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