Ynnova at EIMA International 2020

EIMA 2020 – November 11/15 – Digital Preview

EIMA 2021 – February 3/7 – Bologna Trade Fair Quarters

Agriculture, technology, cloud, machines, Internet of Things. In other words, Ynnova’s team, along with the Arag team, is ready to attend to EIMA 2020 exhibition.

EIMA is the most important international exposition of machinery for agriculture and gardening. In November 2020, the forty-fourth edition will be held in Bologna trade fair quarters. 

Ynnova addresses OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) with cutting edge hardware and software solutions that are pivotal in order to take full advantage of all the opportunities related to the 4.0Agriculture paradigm. 

Certainly, the time has come for agri-food companies to leverage innovation by equipping their assets with tools that allow:

  • Data collection. Data collection implies to gather all the data from the field (for example machines consumption and usage information, chemical and natural resources employment data, geolocated information on crops, harvesting and sowing…);
  • Data storage. Tools must be able to send, following the highest security and availability standard, all the data in the cloud;
  • Data analytics. Once stored, data can be clustered, processed, manipulated, in order to help businesses to optimize their performance. It is no longer about data. Most importantly it is about valuable knowledge.

To remain competitive on the market, companies need to manage each of the “data lifecycle” stages. Therefore, Ynnova supports its clients by providing them with targeted solutions and with an all round service that spans from the first raw data collected to the latest useful information for decision-makers.

Hardware and Firmware

Connectivity finds its roots in the electronics: it is held in the electronic board with all its sensors, moduls, components. By all means, it is the possibility to integrate hardware components with cloud based platform for data processing, that turns Agriculture into Agritech, Precision Farming, Agribusiness.

Ynnova offers both ready to use products to be connected to companies equipment and the possibility to execute all electronic development throughout the life cycle of clients projects. Significantly, this will leave clients free to focus on your their core business and on increasing the value of their assets.


To collect data is usless unless they become a source of knowledge.

The Agriculture 4.0 project begins with the integration between Ynnova’s technology platform, YConnect, and the ecosystem of clients products. After that, once the data is securely stored in the cloud, it can be clustered, processed, turned into KPIs that enable smart business decisions and much more. Leveraging the latest Big Data and AI technologies and architectures, YConnect offers to the final user actionable insights to optimize and boost the production.

Visiting Ynnova’s team at EIMA 2020

Ynnova wants customers to experience YConnect and that’s why, during the EIMA 2020 fair, it will be possible to try the main functionalities of the Ynnova’s cloud-based platform, such as real-time remote monitoring of tractors and machines that are operating in several countries worlwide.

Clients are invited to customize dasboards in order to find out how the user-friendly graphic interfaces are steadily updated in real time. Moreover, they are invited to trigger alerts and warnings. After that, they will ascertain how Ynnova’s automation system automatially identifies and specifies the type of fault, informs the competent team, tracks all the technical interventions and allows the access to all the information needed for the complete management of the ongoing and scheduled activities, thanks to a steady machine to machine and human to machine communication flow.

Ynnova is FEDERUNACOMA member.

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