Data Science
The last frontier of data analysis
To offer an all-round service and tailor-made solutions, Ynnova collaborates with the best data scientists on the market, thanks to a partnership that guarantees a steady and focused collaboration to customize at top level each single project.


“Do not wait for any event to happen, pre-empt it”.

Save unplanned maintenance costs and prevent loss of income due to unforeseen plants downtime.
Technologically advanced algorithms based on the data gathered from the company equipment and other company data to provide the client with advanced predictive models.
These predictive models make it possible to carry out maintenance operations and to substitute parts of the equipment before any fault occurs, avoiding production downtime and related delay in the manufacturing process, that may cause economic loss. The client will be able to take informed decisions, having all the information at his disposal to evaluate risks and opportunities, to optimize the decision-making process and business performance: data analysis provides accurate forecasts, “what if” scenarios and advanced simulations.
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