Mission & Vision
The company

Ynnova is a dynamic software house and an electronic engineering studio with a solid reputation in product development and high-quality consulting services supply backed by technical excellence. Ynnova develops software solutions and hardware devices for a wide range of industries including HVAC/R, healthcare, M2M communication and supervision/monitoring of industrial and commercial facilities.

Ynnova prides itself on building and fostering long-term strategic relationships with its customers based on trust and on quality of the service provided.
The wide experience, from embedded, through mobile, desktop and cloud-based solutions development allows the company to build highly integrated, efficient and innovative infrastructures.

Our clients
About Ynnova Diasorin client

“Experience, collaboration and a team with sharp analytical and development skills, that had promptly and precisely responded to the different needs and requirements related to the development of the application: that is what we found at Ynnova. A trusted supplier, Ynnova developed for us a software platform, used by all our distributors, Export Service Mgr, in order to register plate data and to geographically localize our diagnostic machines distributed worldwide.

About Ynnova Carel Client

“Professionalism, precision and punctuality of the services offered, are the basis of the long-standing collaboration between CAREL and Ynnova. CAREL chose Ynnova as a trusted partner for electronic and firmware design and development, relying on Ynnova’s deeply rooted experience in the HVAC/R sector, that has been pivotal to effectively respond to all CAREL requests.

Clearchannel clients About Ynnova

“We wanted Ynnova to be one of the suppliers for our Sharing Systems as they did a really competitive offer: they guaranteed strength and backward compatibility of the hardware, flexible firmware, and ad hoc software development.
Ynnova team immediately built a tight collaboration with our IT department and with the business unit managers; their proactiveness and the ability to give solutions aligned with the problems we highlighted, strengthened our trust and the willingness to start new projects.”

Lorenzo Melato About Ynnova Team
Lorenzo Melato
Founder and Sw/Fw Development Manager


I have been working for more than ten years as a designer and team leader on hardware, firmware and software projects in several industries, focusing on the industrial and customer HVAC/R sector, on the agricultural mechanization sector and on the industrial automation sector.

Since the foundation of Ynnova, I have been carrying out all the activities to foster the startup, development and growth: dealing with clients, developing projects, dealing with banks and investors, public finance management.

I have always been deeply interested in the M2M (Machine to Machine) communication process subject; since my youth, prior to the arrival of Internet and of the IoT, I was dreaming of and experimenting with the first rudimentary modem and communication protocols.


Technology and innovation are definitely my passion: I am always up to date with all the news from the scientific research development in the health sector.
A tea lover, I am always ready to taste new types, and I may say sometimes I do exaggerate with tea.
I have a wonderful family with who I spend all my spare time, together with the long-lasting friends of my local  parish, where I carry out voluntary work.
When my work commitments allow, I love to sing with my U2 cover band.
I have always been passionate about motoring, my dream is to drive an American vintage muscle car, possibly converted as an electric car!


Start doing something!

Livio Bovo
Hardware Development Director


An Electronic Engineer graduate with deep expertise and knowledge in digital microelectronics, sensors, power electronics, EMI compliance and electrical safety, I have been working in the electronic engineering sector for more than 20 years gaining a deep expertise in the management of multifunctional team and in the management of multidisciplinary electronic projects, starting from small wired logic products till complex programmable logic systems for IoT applications.

I specialized in power applications by developing electric energy conversion systems and engines pilotage systems up to few tens of KW. EMC, electrical safety certificates and productive processes’ specialist, I manage the entire product design workflow: requirements collection, technical specifications’ identification, electronic and mechanical design, functional testing, product certification, manufacturing flow management and production management, paying specific attention to meet the quality standard, costs and delivery time expected.


I am a pragmatic person, and I am fascinated by everything that you can touch, by the peculiar features of each different material. I think that this is the reason why I am a passionate sculptor. I spend my spare time creating wooden artworks: I love that special feeling I get when carving the wood, the possibility to transform and reshape the material, giving to it a new and different life.


“Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.”

ErikaFontana About Ynnova Team
Erika Fontana
CEO and Administration Manager


From the company foundation, I cover the role of Accounts and Administration Manager at Ynnova.

After completing my studies and after working in the banking sector, I worked for 12 years for a leading company in the Italian market for the manufacture of iron used in reinforced concrete, carrying out managerial and commercial secretarial activities as well as managing the administrative and financial activities of the company.


Ever since I was a young girl, I have always loved cooking, this is a passion I inherited from my mother, a passionate and creative chef.

When I leave my Ynnova desk, I am totally dedicated to my family and my amazing children, Claudia and Alberto.


Cheerfulness and kindness, always.

Martina Pulin About Ynnova Team
Martina Pulin
Marketing and Communication Manager


During my studies at Cà Foscari University of Venice, I gained strong economy and marketing skills; I have always been working in the art world, since when I was a student, when I was enrolled in the “Young Curator” project (a 6 months internship at RiccAA), following which I organized personal art exhibitions as Manager and Curator for two Italian artists.

After graduating I moved to London, where I lived for two years, in order to strengthen and increase my skills in an international environment. In London I have been working as Manager and Assistant Curator at ArtMoorHouse, a leading UK art organization based in the Norman Foster building in the heart of the City of London. During this experience, I was in charge of organizing at least one event per month in collaboration with ArtMoorHouse management, and I gained cross skills, carrying out each step related to the event organization: creating of online and offline materials, website and social media management, content and newsletter creation, negotiation with artists and suppliers, PR activities, management and sale of the artworks.

Back to Italy, I started the “Web Marketing Specialist” course in order to further develop my digital marketing skills, and in April 2016, I started working at Ynnova as Communication and Marketing Manager.


A dog lover and a book addicted, writing has always been my passion, as well as playing the piano. I am fascinated by the almost infinite possibilities that technology offers, particularly in the industrial and in the medical sectors.

Frida, my dog, is the other half of my heart, and we love taking long long (long…) walks during the weekend, no matter of the weather.


“We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.”

Raffaele Parrozzani About Ynnova Team
Raffaele Parrozzani
Project Leader


Mechanical engineering and the automotive industry are two milestones in my career. During the master degree, I gained extensive and in-depth knowledge in the design and use/management of complex mechanical/mechatronic components within the automotive vehicle system, and specifically in agricultural automotive machines. During the post lauream internship at Ferrari S.p.a. in Maranello, I had the chance to apply the mechanics knowledge of the automotive vehicle to a complementary discipline (computer / ICT / electronics) for the purpose of defining an algorithm for selecting the materials to be used in the various structural areas of the vehicle.

I have been working for four years for a company specialized in the manufacture of simulation systems and diagnostic applications for the automotive sector. During that period I integrated my knowledge of vehicle engineering with IT and electronic skills and covered a Project Leader role in the development of predictive diagnostic algorithms applied to the automotive industry. After that I have been working as Project Leader for a company specialized in the development and manufacture of electronic systems for the Precision Farming sector.


I have always been deeply passionate about engineering and mechanics, and about anything that gives you the opportunity to design and build something.
Designing a house, a mechanical component or developing a software: it does not make difference! the fascination is all in seeing the concrete and exact realization of what you imagined so clearly and precisely. Or maybe not: as the real challenge is to realize something that at the very beginning seemed to be impossible to achieve and even to think.

This is what has always been guiding me in my educational and professional choices, since when I was a little boy seeing himself as an expert engineer and spending hours and hours building the strangest constructions with his Lego. And how not to mention competitions and cars (or, better, Alfa Romeo), the sole possible outcome of a passionate dad who raised me with GP and 4 Wheels magazine.


“It works! It works! I finally invent something that works!”

Gianni Marchesan About Ynnova Team
Gianni Marchesan
Project Leader


I started working in the IT world in 1985, as software developer of embedded systems for automatic machines automation, learning how to manage each step of the entire process of all the procedures that make up a complete project.  After that, I collaborated as Senior Software Engineer with two companies, developing software components for the monitoring and management of telephone flows for major clients such as Sirti, Telecom Italia and Telecom Argentina, mastering my Project Leader and Project Manager skills and competence. After that I have been in charge of developing custom applications, in the client-server area, for the management of the revision stages of gas containers. In 2008 I started working in the aquaculture sector, developing software applications for digital management of fish processing and production processes.


A sports lover, I have been practicing skiing and swimming for many years.

I like thinking out of the box, off-piste skiing and open water swimming.

Regarding technology, what fascinates me are all that aspects that generate “movement”, “events”: industrial automation and building automation are my passion.

I am proud of my wonderful family: Laura, my splendid wife; Federica, daughter, volleyball player and sports lover; Andrea, young son, gaming and books enthusiast.


“Sir, we’re surrounded! Excellent, we can attack in any direction!”

Andrea Ceolin About Ynnova Team
Andrea Ceolin
Software Developer


Software Developer at Ynnova and IT expert, I have been studying Computer Science at Cà Foscari University of Venice.

I have always been carrying out projects in order to develop practical skills out of my theoretical knowledge, and in 2015 my teammates and I won the “Cà Foscari Sostenibile” contest with a project focused on the optimization of houses’ energetical consumption.

At Ynnova I am in charge of programming in C# and Javascript, I deal with microprocessor programming, front end interfaces, and testing frameworks.

I handle database management activities and the development of client-server and web applications.


A sports lover, running is my favorite hobby. Technology is more than a passion, as well as the Japanese culture.

My favorite event? Lucca Comics and Games!

I do hate coffee!


“Never give up!”


Fondazione Ynnova

Entriamo a far parte del programma Bizspark di Microsoft

Il programma BizSpark fornisce gratuitamente alle startup tecnologiche strumenti di sviluppo, supporto tecnico e di marketing. Siamo stati scelti per farne parte! Ynnova utilizza Azure come piattaforma cloud per le proprie soluzioni.

Product Development: Monitoring

Partono i primi progetti pilota per la supervisione remota, basata su cloud, per impianti di produzione energia da fonti rinnovabili

Product Development: Smart Alerting

Partono i primi progetti pilota per il sistema di smart alerting, basato su cloud, per impianti di produzione energia da fonti rinnovabili

La Regione Veneto Scommette su di noi

Ynnova ottiene il Finanziamento POR CRO 5.1.1. “Cooperazione Interregionale e Transfrontaliera” da parte della regione Veneto per l'integrazione di algoritmi di fault detection e predictive maintenance nei sistemi di supervisione remota

Benvenuta Erika

Entra a far parte della squadra Erika Fontana, responsabile amministrazione e area finanza, figura chiave in Ynnova

Embedded World di Norimberga

Partecipiamo anche noi all'edizione 2014 della fiera

Maker Faire 2014

Microsoft ci identifica come startup ad alto potenziale e ci invita a presentare i nostri prodotti hardware e software allo stand Microsoft al Maker Faire 2014 di Roma

Siamo VIPP

Ynnova entra a far parte del programma VIPP di Microsoft per il supporto tecnico e marketing di soluzioni software verticalizzate per il campo industriale. Ynnova utilizza Azure come piattaforma cloud per le proprie soluzioni.

Dicono di Noi

L'importante rivista ZeroUno ci dedica un articolo nel numero di dicembre 2014 approfondimento

Nuovi progetti Nuove Partnership

Ynnova diventa partner di InfoCert e RAO per il rilascio di firme digitale remote

Firma Digitale, una nuova scommessa

Muove i primi passi l’innovativo progetto as a service per la firma digitale remota. Stay tuned!

Raggiungimento del break even point aziendale

Termine del progetto IA MBT2

Si conclude il progetto cofinanziato dall'Unione Europea per l'integrazione di algoritmi di fault detection e predictive maintenance nei sistemi di supervisione remota, riguardo impianti di produzione di energia da fonti rinnovabili. Una bella esperienza e tantissime nuove idee nel cassetto!

Product Development: YConnect

Da monitoring system a strumento di Business Analytics, Ynnova propone sul mercato il componente della suite che si occupa di analisi dei dati e di modellizzazioni predittive.

Product Development: WarningPipe

Descrizione nel puntino: Ottimizzazione dello strumento di Smart Alerting

Product Development: IDE

Realizzazione ed ottimizzazione dell'ambiente di sviluppo per programmare in maniera semplificata e visuale la logica di controllo dei processi.

Innovation Hall - TEDx Padova

Ynnova presenta la suite IOT+ durante l'evento dedicato all'innovazione, ottenendo riscontri estremamente positivi e lead importanti

Product Development: YService

Realizzazione dello strumento di Service Management, a completamento della suite IOT+

Dicono di noi

Intervista rilasciata al periodico di informazione e cultura della Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Piove di Sacco. Articolo Periodico

Product Launch: IOT+

Obiettivo per fine anno: Commercializzazione della suite IOT+, implementata in tutte le sue componenti.